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The Wehrheim
3330 Mt. Vernon Rd SE
Cedar Rapids, IA  52403
Investment and advisory products and services offered through Nations Financial
Group, Inc., Member
FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Advisor.   The Wehrheim
Group, LLC., is a separate entity and not affiliated with Nations Financial Group, Inc.
Availability of investment services subject to applicable licensing requirements. Please
Disclosures for more details.

Security products are not insured by the FDIC or NCUA; are not deposits or other
obligations of Linn Area Credit Union and are not guaranteed by Linn Area Credit
Union.  All investment products are subject to investment risk including possible loss of
principal  invested.  

3330 Mt. Vernon Rd SE
Cedar Rapids, IA  52403
Our Services
At The Wehrheim Group, we accept responsibilities as a team.  
Our commitment to this team approach is unique to this
business, and it allows us to meet our client’s needs by
combining the talents and strengths of the group.

We firmly believe your money is exactly that...your
 Once we have a thorough understanding of your
needs and goals, we can create a “personalized” investment

A common practice in estate and business planning is for our
team to coordinate strategies with your attorney and
accountant.  With a group of professionals working together for
you, you can feel confident about your decisions.

Our team is continually evaluating financial information,
allowing us to make sound decisions when implementing

Expect the best at The Wehrheim Group:  
friendly, professional
service, with a personal touch.
Our Investment Process
  1. Evaluate—We start by examining your current
    expectations.  Once we know where you want your
    money to take you, we can begin drafting the roadmap
    to help get you there.
  2. Educate—We believe the more you learn and
    understand the things that impact your financial future,
    the easier it is for you to have peace of mind.  We work
    to accomplish this through one-on-one counseling, and
    small group seminars on various topics, as well as
    printed and visual materials.
  3. Implement—This is the decision-making step in the
    investment process.  We use our market and product
    knowledge to find suitable choices.  If necessary for
    your situation, we consult with other professionals,
    such as accountants and attorneys.  Once you feel
    comfortable with your decisions, it is time to invest.
  4. Monitor—Our job does not end when your
    investments are purchased.  If fact, it is just the  
    beginning.  We continually evaluate world markets and
    examine various investment choices.  You will receive
    statements providing details of your account and
    reviews may be conducted to readjust your
    investments as necessary.
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receive more
information or ask a
question about our
services, please
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